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DSPL3 Strategic Development 2015-2016

Leadership and Management

  • Clear evidence of outcomes and impact of DSPL3 activities and training

 Primary Behaviour

  • Increased accountability and transparency of the service with clearly agreed and shared priorities
  • Fewer pupils being at risk of perm ex
  • Clear procedures and processes to support pupils, families and schools whilst a child is awaiting specialist provision

Speech and Language

  • Increased capacity of schools and settings to meet universal needs, so that only appropriate referrals are being made to SALT


  • Families feeling supported, better relationships with schools
  • Settings having access to high quality training
  • Clear coordination of developments around Autism with a range of stakeholders contributing to the Autism Review Action Plan

Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents

  • SENCOs and Parents feeling well informed about range of support that is available and how to access it